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Congratulations to BC Hoops very own James Byrd!

By BC Hoops, 12/20/17, 11:30AM EST


James Byrd is a freshman at Moorestown High School in Moorestown, NJ who continues to overcome all odds stacked against him. Being raised by a single mother and having to become an example to his younger brother, James continues to push himself as a student and athlete who strives for excellence to prove how hard work, endurance and perseverance will help you win at life!

James has enjoyed sports since his youth.  With a love for basketball and football, he would always find himself playing pick-up games in his neighborhood, local gyms, or any place where kids were playing either sport looking to challenge the best. As he grew older and started to understand the mechanics of his body, James would begin learning how to have advantages over his opponents through his taller slim body frame. 

His mother (Nicole) an avid sports fan, noticed how gifted her son was and started investing more time and energy into helping him develop and perfect his craftsmanship. Nicole, a former basketball player herself, began sacrificing her days and nights and started coaching a team that James played for during his developmental years. In spending this quality time with him and helping him to understand positioning, footwork, and how to utilize his height to his advantage caught the attention of our very own BC Hoops Basketball organization.

While sitting at Chick-Fil-A with his family one evening, Quinci Carter / Coach Q (Co-Founder & Director of  BC Hoops Basketball) noticed his younger son Shane responding in utter excitement while viewing one of his social media sites. Eager to see what the excitement was about, Coach Q asked his son if he could view his phone. To his surprise, Coach Q witnessed a slim tall kid dunk a basketball on a regulated court  - WITH EASE! Coach Q was under the impression that this kid had to be a high school player (sophomore at least) with that kind of ability. His son quickly informed him (at that time) that James was only in the 8th grade! In total awe, Coach Q  wanted to know more about him and asked his son to contact James through his social media platform. After multiple exchanges over social media, James and his mother decided to meet with Coach Q. During their visit, they had the opportunity to learn about the BC Hoops Basketball program, meet it's coaching staff, and James got the opportunity to display his talent that extended from his social media performance. After this meeting, both James and his mother, agreed that BC Hoops would be their new basketball home and immediately James earned a starting position on the roster. 

Shortly after his BC Hoops basketball season ended, James tried out for the Moorestown football team. Being that his family had just moved into the area over the past year, James had no idea if he would gain a spot on the roster since he was new to the community. During tryouts, he pushed himself tremendously by giving additional efforts during every drill both offensively and defensively. With the same heart he had as a little boy of wanting to challenge and be the best, James earned starting positions on both sides of the ball (Quarterback & Outside Linebacker). James would play the season with phenomenal averages per game.

Quarterback (Offense) - Avg./Game

  • 60 Rushing Yards
  • 30 Passing Yards
  • 2 Touchdowns 

Outside Linebacker (Defense) - Avg./Game

  • 4 Tackles
  • 2 Sacks

With these numbers and his efforts of making his team better, James would received two major awards from his school once the season ended:

Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Best Offensive Player

As you can see, James is becoming one the most recognized young talents in the region and with his determination to succeed by never giving up, he is on his way to GREATNESS!!!

On behalf of the BC Hoops Basketball family,
We're proud of you James Byrd and what you've accomplished!
Keep up the great work!!!

BC Hoops Basketball